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Megami Device Model Kit - 11 Bullet Knights Launcher

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The latest work of "Beautiful Girl x Mechanic" series "Megamy Device"!
The 11th "BULLET KNIGHTS Lancer"!!
It is an assembled plastic model series that you can enjoy wearing weapons and armor on the body of a movable beautiful girl.
Adopted the design body "Mashinika" by Maki Asai. Mr. Yasutaka Isekawa is in charge of the designer!
・The voluminous long lance and large shield are held with an arm extending from the back. In addition, the base that supports the weapon as support is also included.
・You can replace the weapon and put it in "ride mode" to put Megami on it.
・You can play with various combat scenes with a lance that can be divided into three and a rear arm with many movable axes.
・The tube extending from the back of the head uses a soft lead wire and can be bent freely.
・In addition to metallic color markings, decals such as eyes are included.
・3 types of painted face parts are included per character.
・You can reproduce the "armed mode" with a knight motif and the "body mode" with the armor taken off by replacing the parts.
・In the amazing range of motion of "Masinika", the weapon pose and sitting pose will naturally work well.
・The existing M.S.G series, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl are made of 3mm diameter holes placed in each part.
It can be used in conjunction with the armament of the Hexa Gear series.