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Megami Device Model Kit - 15 Asra Tamamonomae

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"Bishojo x Mechanic" series "Megami Device" latest work!The next "proposal to wear M.S.G." is "Asura Tamamo no Mae"! !!"Proposal to wear M.S.G again""Shura Nine-tailed", which was well received in "Proposal to wear MSG", is newly released as a megami device with the motif of the legendary beauty "Tamamo-no-mae" who is the incarnation of the nine-tailed fox. is.Based on "Shura Archer", it is a hearty megami with a set of new modeling parts while inheriting the concept of "Shura Nine-tailed".

Please enjoy the play value that goes beyond the color change of nine tails.Megami Device is a prefabricated plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.

Of course Nidy-2D- is in charge of the design!Adopting "Mashinika" designed by Maki Asai, dynamic and beautiful poses are possible.The new look is a delicate eye print realized by Mr. Amema, who is familiar with Megami Device dealers.

[Accessories / Gimmicks]

Various new parts such as head accessories and armament with Shinto motifs are reproduced with additional molds
The existing parts have their own molding color, and the brown skin color is adopted for the first time in the Shura series.
The arms and legs in the body mode will have a brown skin color.-Comes with 3 types of newly designed painted face parts.
You can reproduce the "armed mode" with armor and the "elementary mode" with armor removed by replacing parts."shinika" The range of movement of the body is amazing, and you can naturally make weapon-holding poses and sitting poses.
Comes with various weapon parts and joint parts. You can play by assuming various combat scenes.
The 3mm diameter joints placed in each part and the compatibility of the head make it possible to use each part together with the existing "M.S.G", "Frame Arms", "Frame Arms Girl", "Hexa Gear", and "Sousai Shoujo Garden" series.
Comes with decals such as eyes and markings.
[What is Megami Device]

There is a self-supporting figure robot with a total height of 14 cm, and it is a plastic model series that assumes a "near-future battle hobby" that can be made, modified, and made to fight so that you can enjoy the plastic model.Maki Asai, a leading figure in movable figures, will be the core of the newly designed body "Mashinika", and various designers will work on characters and mechanics.The molding color is color-coded, the face is painted with tampo printing, and the finish is close to the image just by assembling.By adopting a joint hole with a diameter of 3 mm, you can play with many of the Kotobukiya plastic model parts that have already been released, as well as parts compatibility within the series.