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Megami Device Model Kit - AUV Amaterasu Regalia

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"Bishoujo x Mechanic" series "Megami Device" new work!
Megami Device Imperial Miko Amatera Regalia, the successor of Shura and bears the name of God!!
Amaterasu, which is paired with Obu Susanoo, which has been well received since its release, will be released with Regalia equipment.
While keeping the volume of the body, the head and chest were newly formed and it was born as a new character.
The armament was also renewed, and it was named "Legaria" reminiscent of the king's costume.
Megami Device is an assembled plastic model series that you can enjoy wearing weapons and armor on a movable beautiful girl body.
The design is by Mr. Nidy-2D- of the imperial shrine maiden series!
"Mashinika" designed by Maki Asai is adopted and dynamic and beautiful posing is possible.
・Face, hair, chest, etc. are designed and shaped for Amaterasu, demonstrating a strong presence that is different from Susanoo.
・The newly designed regalia equipment, which is more compact than the imperial shrine maiden Susanoo, forms an easy-to-assemble and flashy silhouette.
・Characteristic weapon parts and large cape parts on the shoulder can be enjoyed by greatly changing the shape by recombination.
・3 types of painted face parts are included.
・You can reproduce the "armed mode" wearing armor and the "body mode" with the armor removed by replacing parts.
・In the range of movement of the "Masinika" body, the weapon stance pose and sitting pose are naturally stunning.
・Various weapon parts and joint parts are included. You can play assuming various combat scenes.
・Due to the compatibility of the 3mm diameter joints and heads arranged in each part, it can be used together with the existing "M.S.G", "Frame Arms", "Frame Arms Girl", "Hexa Gear", "Sosai Girl's Garden", "Arcanadia" series, etc.
・Decals such as eyes and markings are included.
[What is Megami Device?]
It is a plastic model series that assumes a "battle hobby in the near future" that there is a 14 cm high independent figure robot and can be made to enjoy plastic models, remodeled, and made to make them fight.
With the new design body "Mashinika" as the core of Maki Asai, the leading movable figure, various designers will work on characters and mechanics.
The molded color is color-coded, and the face is painted with dandelion printing, and just by assembling it, it will be close to the image.
With the adoption of a 3mm diameter joint hole, you can play with many of the Kotobukiya plastic model parts that have already been released, as well as parts compatibility in the series.