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Megami Devicer Scale Figure - Asra Ninja 2/1

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Shocking the industry!?
From the "Megami Device" of the plastic model series
"Shura Ninja" designed by Mr. Nidy-2D-
The first in the industry (!?) A dignified three-dimensionalization with a 2/1 scale figure!!
It is an extra-large scale figure that is about twice the height and about 8 times the volume of the 1/1 plastic model, and a number of self-updates were included by Mr. Nidy-2D-, a designer of Shura.
A number of new details and paints added to each armed part suitable for the big scale can dramatically increase the amount of information and enjoy every 360 degrees.
In addition, it is a full item that fully reproduces the charm of the illustration, such as the smooth body line that can be realized because it is non-movable!
In addition, it is possible to replace the left leg, both wrists, and waist parts, and it is also possible to display it in a "sleeping mode" like a hug pillow using the attached cushion.
As an original expression of the figure, the hands and legs with bare skin reminiscent of battle damage are delicately shaped up to the fingertips.
Please experience the ultimate gem supervised by Mr. Nidy-2D- at hand!