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miniQ Minature Cube - Kunio Satous's Shoufuku Dog Series 2

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Full of benefits! Introducing a new "Blessed Dog" that invites good fortune
Adorable blessed dogs that invite good fortune

-The second edition of dogs that invite good fortune has arrived from the lovely animal art figure series drawn by the popular Kunio Sato.
This time, Pug, Chihuahua, and Beagle newly drawn by Mr. Kunio Sato are joining the ranks!

-The line of sight, the angle of the neck, the coat and the pattern are carefully modeled, and the cuteness of the illustration is reproduced as it is in the figure.

-Comes with a cushion base common to all types.

-Palm size that can be freely arranged and displayed on a desk. Please collect the new Kunio World, which is perfect for cute photos that look good on SNS.

■ Lineup
Pug (pray for victory)
Chihuahua (prosperous business)
Beagle (no illness)
Labrador Retriever (Yellow)
Toy Poodle (Black) (Pray for success)

*If you purchase the full box, there will be 1 duplicate. If you purchase the single box, you will get a random one.