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miniQ Miniature Cube - Sato Kunio's Animal Bathroom Break Series 3

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Mr. Kunio Sato, a popular illustrator
The adorable animal art series "Tsure XXX" is also available in the box!
The third installment of the popular animal art series by Kunio Sato, who is familiar with the anthropomorphic works of animals.
This time, six kinds of animals talk about "Tsure ○○○" on their backs are three-dimensional!
It's a lovelyness that makes you smile involuntarily, not to mention the back of the back of you're running errands, but also the front figure that you're removing the toilet bowl.
The "White Bear" in the lineup is a new illustration specially drawn for this figure project!
You can collect a lot, line it up, and enjoy it.
Red panda
White polar bear
Mouse and wild boar (set of 2)

    *If you purchase the full box, there will be 2 duplicates. If you purchase the single box, you will get a random one.