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Mob Psycho 100 III Nendoroid - 1922 Arataka Reigen

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The essence of charm is humanity, be a good guy.

From the TV anime "Mob Psycho 100 III", Mob's master "Reigen Shinryu" appears as a cute Nendoroid! For replacement facial expression parts, in addition to "normal face" and "upset face", we have prepared a "smile face" that makes adults feel comfortable. Optional parts come with "business card", "salt", "mobile phone" and "ramen" used for exorcism. It is possible to reproduce 100% of the world of Mob Psycho 100 according to the situation. Please enjoy the little cute master according to the situation ♪ You can also enjoy it together with "Nendoroid Shigeo Kageyama" (sold separately).