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My Hero Academia Blind Box - Beast Collection(1 Random)

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A mini figure of an animal inspired by the character of the TV anime "My Hero Academia" is here!
"If the animals become characters..."
Animal sculptor "Toshio Asakuma" creates an animal figure that incorporates the images and characteristics of the characters.
There are 6 types in the lineup.
Izuhisa Midoriya x Yorkshire Terrier
Bakugo Katsumi x Wao fox monkey
Reihi Ochako x Ropyear
Shoto Todoroki x Cat
Tsuyu Asui x Frog
Almight x Lion
Although it is a palm-sized mini figure, the shape with details is a must-see.
Please pay attention to your lively expressions and gestures!

What is the beast collection?
An animal figure series inspired by a character created by the animal sculptor "Toshio Asakuma".
It is a unique item that combines realistic animal modeling with the characteristics of the character.