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My Hero Academia Ichiban Kuji - Will - (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Izuhisa Midoriya Figure

Entering the final chapter!"Idehisa Midoriya", leaving Yuei...The figure is a complete figure.

Entering the final chapter!"Deku Midoriya", mask style.The figure is a complete figure.

C Prize: All Might Figure
Gently watch over "Midoriya Izuku" ...
The first lottery to become a figure.All Might, gather!

D Prize: Shota Aizawa Figura
I can't escape the unexpected gaze and his maneuvering cloth! ... "Shota Aizawa" appeared dashingly.
E Prize: Present Mic Figure
The "individuality" voice is finally activated!!! ... "Present Mic" is the first figure.

F Prize: Endever Figure
Put on a roaring flame, swing your fist down and hit the enemy "Villain"! ...No.1 hero "Endever" appears imposingly.

G Prize: Hawks Figure
"Quirk" rigid wings that freely manipulate the wings of their back ... "Hawks" who is too fast, flying in the sky.

H Prize: Mirko Figure
Take pride in your strength and run on a solitary path! ... Winful bunny "Milko" participates in the war!

I Prize: Twice Face Magnet
Twice, "Quirk" twice ... reproduces the rich expression of the reproduction as a face magnet. A dish that you want to grow around your desk or in the refrigerator!

J Prize: Clear File & Sticker Set
A set of "A4 Clear File" and "Sticker".
It's a simple design that's easy to use everyday, and it's easy to use!!
You can choose your favorite character with all 12 types.

K Prize: Towel Collection
A lineup of 10 characters in total, including professional heroes and enemies "Villain"!!
About 60 cm horizontal design, not only used as a towel, but also finished in an adult-like design with reduced color, making it a specification that looks great even if you decorate it!

L Prize: Rubber Charm
A lineup of 12 characters in total [Rubber Charm]!!
It is designed to be easy to use for accents such as your bag!

Last One Prize Mirko Figure Metallic Ver.
Take pride in your strength and run on a solitary path! ... Winful bunny "Miro", metallic ver. Appeared in!