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Natsume Book Of Friends Nendoroid - 1344 Nyanko Sensei

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What is a Nyanko, disrespectful!

From the popular anime "Natsume's Book of Friends", the main character Natsume's bouncer "Nyanko-sensei" has become a nendoroid! We have prepared 4 types of replacement facial expression parts: "normal face", "peri face", "relaxing face" and "angry face". For optional parts, in addition to Nyanko-sensei's favorite food "Munju", "Fried Shrimp", "Sake <Cat Korashi>", "Guinomi", "Nekojarashi" and fluffy dancing "Chocho" are also available, so you can enjoy the banquet and hunt. The appearance of Mr. Nyanko can be reproduced. The hands and feet have a built-in magnet, so they can move flexibly according to the scene without destroying the appearance. Please welcome Mr. Nyanko, who has become expressive and cute♪