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Doki Doki Land

NENDOROID Happy Bag 2023

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It’s the Doki Doki Land NENDOROID Happy Bag!
Don't miss this special Nendoroid Happy Bag & get your "Doki Doki ドキドキ" moment today!
The Nendoroid Happy Bag 2023 is the ultimate surprise bundle for any Nendoroid collector, featuring two carefully curated Nendoroid figures from popular anime and game franchises. 
Retailing at up to $200, the Nendoroid Happy Bag 2023 is available for a limited time at an unbeatable price of only $149.99, making it the perfect gift for yourself or any Nendoroid enthusiast. Don't miss your chance to expand your Nendoroid collection or start your Nendoroid collecting journey.

All Nendoroids will be random.
Please note that there may be duplicate products for customers who purchase multiple lucky bags.