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One Piece Ichiban Kuji - Best of the Buddy (Sold Out)

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Prize A Roronoa Zoro Figure
Roronoa Zoro, the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates and the owner of the Bushido spirit, appears! You can use it in various ways from one sword to three swords, and the appearance of fighting is exactly a demon!

Prize B Ben Beckman Figure
Ben Beckman, deputy captain of the Red-haired Pirates, is here! A faithful expression of manipulating a long-barbarrelled weapon with one hand while holding the cape!

Prize C Marco Figure

Marco, the former captain of the first squad of the Whitebeard Pirates, appears! From the eyes staring into the distance and the appearance wearing a blue flame, I can associate it with his strength like a phoenix!

Prize D Charlotte Katakuri Figure
Charlotte Katakuri of "Sweet 3 General Star", the top executive of the Big Mam Pirates, is here! The muscular body is exposed, and the clenched fists and high-kicked legs express overwhelming strength!

Prize E King Figure
The king of "fire" of the "big signboard" of the top executive of the Beast Pirates has appeared! The way you spread your wings, hold your sword and jump is a dynamic posing!

Prize F Big Size Towel
9 of the strongest right-handers gather! Their expressions are drawn up on the pop coloring of blue and yellow, and it is a big size towel with a width of about 120 cm when unfolded!

Prize G Towel Collection
An eye-catching towel collection with impressive lines and stylish coloring illustrations of each character!
The point is that there is a mark with each motif on the back! All 8 types to choose from!

Prize H Clear File & Sticker & Mask Case
A 3-piece set where you can enjoy the combination of characters with deep relationships! There are a lot of variations and I'm happy to choose from all 8 types!

Prize I Small Dish
The letters and visuals that express each character, and the splashes of ink flying around are powerful! All 12 kinds of small plates with cool designs that you want to collect!

Last One Prize Marco Figure Last One Color ver.
It is a special specification figure with metallic paint on the C prize Marco figure!