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One Piece Model Kit - Thousand Sunny Land Of Wano Ver.

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The outfit of the Straw Hat Pirates is also new, and the Sunny of the Wano Country Edition is three-dimensionalized!
■Total height about 360mm. Reproduce the Straw Hat Pirates of Wano Country Costume in a new modeling.
■Gaon cannon and paddle can be reproduced by replacement.
■With Kainas seal and water transfer decal, you can reproduce after repairing the damage suffered when infiltrating the Wano country.
■Shiromokuba No. 1, Mini Merry No. 2, and Shark Submerge No. 3 are included.
■Dedicated display base included.
■Figure x set
■Shiromokuba No. 1 x 1
■Mini Mary No. 2 x 1
■Shark Submerge No. 3 x 1
■Dedicated display base x 1
■Woil seal x 1
■Marking seal x 1
■Water transfer type decal x 1