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Pokemon Ichiban Kuji - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Release Commemorative (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: A Game Cushion Together
It's a poke ball cushion with a stuffed Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly.
If you put it on your lap when reading games and books, it's a cushion that everyone can enjoy together.

B Prize: Pikachu Plushies
It's a practical and cute Pikachu plushies with a small compartment.
Please use it to clean up small items such as game equipment and pens★

C Prize: Eevee Plushies
It's a stuffed Eevee with a cute spoiled expression and pose.
The fluffy fur is cute that makes you want to squeeze ♡

D Prize: Blanket

It is a polyester towel blanket that can be used for various purposes such as a lap blanket when it is a little chilly, laying it on a rug mat or futon, and remodeling the room stylishly.

E Prize: Plate Collection

There are two types of designs to choose from! It is a hard-to-break plate made of melamine.
If you put the food on the plate, the art will stand out more♪
It's a plate with a cute design that you'll fall in love with food that you don't like.

F Prize: Cup Collection
There are 6 designs to choose from! It is a hard-to-break cup made of acrylic.
There are two types of cup shapes: the layered type and the glittering type.
It's a perfect cup for a fun meal time for everyone★

G Prize: Tableware
There are 6 types in total that you can choose from 4 types of mini bowls and 2 cutlery sets.
It's a melamine-resistant bowl and cutlery, so the practicality is perfect.
Please serve salads and desserts cutely in a cute mini bowl like a flower pot♪

H Prize: Towel Collection

It is a collection of 6 types of towels to choose from.
The hand towel is a cute design with the back of the felt material Kodak and Metamon ★
The jacquard towel is a fluffy fabric, the face towel is large, and all of them are a highly practical towel collection.

Last One Prize Tobuki Pikachu cushion

Cushion with a large Pikachu★
If you lean on your back, it might look like Pikachu is on your shoulder?!
The design of the cushion is mature, and the back side has a natural check pattern♪