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Berserk Bust Figure - Guts Berserker Armor

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The world's long-awaited special edition with figures on the first comics in the new system!!
Original work / Kentaro Miura
Manga / Studio Giga Supervisor / Koji Mori
Guts and Casca escape from the fate of branding and spend peaceful days on Fairy Island.
However, when the black-haired boy changes his innocent appearance, the momentary peace collapses.
Screaming Casca! Guts wielding a big sword! Disaster to meet again, despair to face. The overflowing darkness swallows everything and pours in!!
■About Guts (Berserker's armor) bust figure
From the popular manga "Berserk", the bust figure of "Gats" wearing the armor of a berserker is originally three-dimensionalized under the supervision of [Studio Giga]! It expresses the image of "ki" (Odo) oozing out from the berserkered guts with full body shape." The effect of Ki (Odo) has been reproduced with clear parts. Please enjoy the powerful and powerful modeling!
Plastic, pre-painted finished product, non-scale, dedicated pedestal included, head height: about 100mm