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Mashin Hero Wataru Model Kit - HG Ryujinmaru

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From "Mashin Hero Wataru", the guardian deity of Mt. Sokai, the demon "Ryujin Maru" with the soul of the golden dragon appears in HG!
■Condensing movable gimmicks in various parts of the main body of the proportions faithful to the original image.
■With the built-in movable shaft, it is possible to pull out the blocks on both sides of the chest forward.
■The axial movement built into the shoulder armor expands the range of motion of the arm.
■The blocks on both sides of the chest pulled out are flexible, and together with the pull-out mechanism of the shoulder joint, the pose of the special move "Toryuken" is realized. The gesture of pulling out the sword can also be reproduced naturally.
■By pulling out the lower back, the range of motion of the hip joint is expanded, and bold posing is possible.
■Knee armor is movable in conjunction with the knee joint.
■Reproduce the coloring in the play with sealless. The pattern of the dragon on the shoulder armor is also expressed by dividing the parts.
■In addition to the Toryu sword, three types of hand parts are included: grip hands, weapon handles, and open hands.
■Dragon Sword x 1
■Hand parts x 1 set