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(Pre-Order END) One Piece G.E.M - Nico Robin RUN!RUN!RUN!

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Pre-Order Cut Off Date: Mar 19 2024
Estimate Arrive Date:Q4 2024

- The quantity for pre-orders are limited. First come first serve.
- The Estimated Arrival Date is the schedule from the supplierand can be delayed without notice.
- Pre-Orders cannot be refunded/canceled or exchanged.Please consider your purchase carefully before ordering.
- If the supplier does not fulfill all pre-orders in the first shipment, we will fulfill all pre-orders based on the order sequence.
- If you have any question, please contact our customer service.

From the TV anime "One Piece" with high-calorie events and topics, we have three-dimensionalized the childhood of the Straw Hat Pirates "Nico Robin". Her past that makes me cry many times in the Enies Lobby edition ... It is still an item that you can feel the strength to run unneerly.

Please decorate and enjoy it with the same series that has already been released!

In the future, G.E.M. RUN! RUN! RUN! The series is scheduled to be developed one after another, so please look forward to it.