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Super Robot Wars Model Kit - HG Dygenguar

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Dygenguar, which is more popular than the "Super Robot Wars OG" series, is coming to the HG series with an anime version design by Masami Obari!

■"Shenshiki Zhankanto" comes with two types at normal time and at the time of deployment.

■Various special moves such as "Dynamic Knuckle" and "General Blaster" can be expressed with powerful posing!

■Reproduce the body color without seal by special molding color and parts division. Colorful finish just by assembling.

■The back is expanded and the thruster can be exposed.

■Various hand parts such as dedicated handles and display bases are included.


■Shenshiki zankan sword (normal time) x 1

■Shenshiki zankan sword (at the time of deployment) x 1

■Hand parts x 1 type

■Display base x 1