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Re-Ment "Petit Sample" - After All My Parents' House Is Good

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Available as a single blind box or as a complete set of 8.

--Involuntarily [I'm home! ], A petite sample with the theme of the parents' home.
-Full of fun gimmicks such as a video deck where you can put video tapes and a hot plate where you can move the lever!

1. You used to go out with your grandmother these days!
2. There are too many TV programs I want to watch ~
3. If you drink too much, your mother will get angry!
4. I'll put kerosene soon, so please wait!
5. Mom, I can't eat that much ~
6. I also have to give it to my advisor's teacher!
7. Things that are on the shelves all the time
8. Thank you for watching over my home again this year