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Slam Dunk Book - The First Slam Dunk re-Source

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The elements that can be said to be the "base (base)" that realized the amazing perfection of the movie anime "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK" are consolidated into one book!!
■In the process of making the movie, there are plenty of "pictures" drawn by Mr. Takehiko Inoue to create images and "characters" written to direct the drama!!
■In a long interview with Mr. Inoue, who covers about 15,000 characters, the motivation for challenging the first time in making a movie, the thoughts on the fans of "SLAM DUNK", after finishing the production ... and so on, we will approach those thoughts!!
■It is a work that is partially underlaid by the story of Ryota Miyagi in the movie, and it contains the phantom reading manga "Pierce" that was not included in the book for the first time!!
■Posters and announcement visuals announced between the decision to be made into a movie and the release are also included!
The "counistic effect" when you watch a movie and this book together is immeasurable! A book that you can enjoy to the most!!