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Spy x Family Scale Figure - Anya Forger 1/7

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Anya Forger is made into a figure on 1/7 scale from the TV anime "SPY x FAMILY" series!

Anya, wearing an Eden school uniform, poses brilliantly on the cobblestones with a stuffed Chimera and a toy gun in her hand!

With a crisp expression, the shiny hair is cute even the hair that pops out from the top of the head! The uniform is a gorgeous design with black and gold decoration. I carefully molded hair ornaments, socks, and even shoes.

Anya Forger in Eden school uniform at hand.

Anya has big and beautiful eyes and a cute crisp expression. The fluffy hair is shiny, and the hair flows beautifully to the tip of the hair. Cute hair ornaments are also a point!

Mr. Chimera in his left hand and a toy gun in his right hand! The Chimera has facial parts, wing and tail snakes, and snakes stick out their tongues, and they are carefully shaped in every detail.

The pedestal was made of cobblestones and imagined the world view of the spy family. If you display it with "Lloyd" sold separately, you will feel the realism just like an anime!