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Sumikko Gurashi - Sumikko Gurashi Friends Vol.5

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From the popular "Sumiko Gurashi", this is the 6th palm-sized soft vinyl doll.
Is the lineup a polar bear or a penguin? , Tonkatsu, cats, and lizards, all 8 types.
It is a product that you can enjoy not only playing with dolls but also decorating your room.
- 1 colored soft vinyl doll (8 types in total)
1. Shirokuma & Furoshiki
2. Penguin? & Tapioca
3. Tonkatsu & Ebifurai no Shippo
4. Neko & Zassou
5. Tokage & Nisetsumuri
6. Penguin (Honmono) & Furoshiki (Border)
7. Tokage (Honmono)
8.Ebifurai No Shippo &Aji Furai No Shippo