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Tank Nacchin Model Kit - JGSDF Type 07 Prototype 1/35

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That aircraft is just a "prototype"!
"Nacchin", whose unique design is popular, appears as a "test operation type (prototype)" while retaining the high-spec movable gimmick!
The original character "Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Type 07 Tank Nacchin" was created by moi, a robot designer who is active mainly on SNS. "Prototype Nacchin" is a plastic model in New Design New Coloring with new mold parts added!
2090 A.D.
With the rapid development of AI technology, the distance between "people" and "machines" almost overlapped, and shortly after - mankind used future prediction technology as a matter of course.
Japan's Japan Ground Self-Defense Force introduced a new Jiritsu tank that implemented "Advanced Future Prediction AI" ahead of the world.
His personality and communication skills, which are almost the same as others, were rather shunned by the members, but only Lieutenant Natsuki Kikuri named his passenger plane "Nacchin" and treated it as a member of the squad.
One day, Natsuki and Nacchin, who were on duty, encountered the "rewriting of the world" phenomenon that suddenly occurred. The world we know has been tampered with in fragments, and as a result, the "world now" has changed.
In response to this abnormal phenomenon that only Natsuki and Nacchin can "recognize", they start to move to return the world to "Moto's Form" while seeking the reason.
[Uslage setting]
A test aircraft of the "New Jiritsu Tank" that implements "Advanced Future Prediction AI".
In order to introduce the next flagship tank, Type 07, it has been tested as an aircraft for data collection.
On the hardware side, it is designed to exceed the specifications of the Type 06 tank deployed in the current Japan Ground Self-Defense Force: commonly known as "Roku".
[Product Specifications]
・Original designer: Moi's newly designed for this kit, "light armor" on both shoulders and "expanded communication module" on the back of the head are reproduced with new mold parts.
・High-spec full action model specification with 62 movable locations in the whole body.
・Equipped with a variety of movable gimmicks that adopt "drawer joints (shoulder and knees)" and "sliding movable (htoe joint)".
・The runner of the kit is color-coded in 6 colors, and even if you just assemble it as it is, you can reproduce the coloring close to the setting.
・ "Weapon Unit 17 Freestyle Gun" is included in the molded color for the Nacchin series. In addition to being equipped with "Nacchin" using a replacement "weapon handle", the tank unit can be jointed to the "expansion communication module" on the back of the head via new attachment parts.
・Due to the design in anticipation of future developments, the hatch on the head is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick as set.
※The cockpit seat and the pilot are not reproduced in this product.
・The part corresponding to the tail can be bent flexibly using a lead wire.
・The "eye panel parts (front line)" are pre-painted with both eyes blue and black.
・Three replacement "eye panel parts (blank)" are included, and you can select various facial expressions by using the included water transfer decal.
・Two "general-purpose grip parts" with a 3mm joint (shaft) are included. The combination with "M.S.G" will expand even more.
・The "Nacchin" official type shoulder unit including a large shield is included as an optional part.
・Using a 3mm diameter joint (hole) at the bottom of the main body, it is possible to display using the attached "Nacchin Dedicated Stand" and the "New Flying Base" sold separately.
[Set includes]
・Prototype Nacchin main body
・Weapon Unit 17 Freestyle Gun (Molded color version exclusively for Nacchin)
・Weapon Unit 17 Attachment parts for freestyle gun
・Eye panel parts (front line (painted specification) x 1, blank x 3)
・Weapon handle (left and right)
- General-purpose grip parts x 2
・"Nacchin" official type shoulder unit (left and right)
- 3mm diameter joint parts (shaft) x 4
・Nacchin dedicated stand
・Water transfer decal