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The King Of Braves Gaogaigar Model Kit - Crossframe Girl Gaogaigar

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Completely combined! Final Fusion approved!!
Reproduction of the combined gimmick! This is the key to victory!
The "Gao Guy Gar" of the King of Braves was three-dimensionalized based on the illustration that Mr. Eji Komato became a beautiful girl.
From Galleon to Geiger, "Hero King GaoGaigar" is completed by mergerating with 3 more types of Gao machines.
This series of gimmicks was reproduced in the Mecha Girl format.
You can enjoy the powerful combined scene in the play.
And it is also possible to reproduce the girl state without a mechanic.
The reproduction of the Browkun Magnum and the palm parts when the protective shade is deployed are also included.
At the time of Geiger, "Drill Gao installation mode" and "Stealth Gao installation mode" can also be reproduced.
In addition, a dividing driver is also included.
And Gao Geiger's special move "Hell and Heaven" can be reproduced with special hand parts!
・3 types of painted face parts are included. ( Front-facing screaming face, left-facing normal face, right-facing normal face)
・Decals such as eyes and markings are included.
・5 types of PVC wrists are included for each left and right, and a wrist for protection shade is also included.
・Three types of mechanical wrists are included: "Nigiri", "Protect Shade" and "Hell and Heaven".
・A dividing driver is included.
・Docking parts for transporting Liner Gao with Stealth Gao are also included.
・"Girl" state, "Galeon" state, "Gyger" state, and "Gaogaiger" state is possible by merizing with 3 types of Gao machines.
・It is possible to be in a "powered suit" state where both "girl arm" and "mecha arm" can be used.
・3 types of Gao machines can be deformed and combined.
・At the time of Geiger, "Drill Gao wearing mode" and "Stealth Gao wearing mode" can also be reproduced.
・Because of the wrist made of PVC, it is possible to have the armament of the existing Frame Arms Girl series, MSG series, and Frame Arms series.
・The 3mm diameter hole placed on the foot makes it possible to use the armament of the existing Frame Arms Girl series, MSG series, and Frame Arms series together.