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"Ultraman" Tamashii Nations Box- Ultraman ARTlized -Ultraman ARTlized -Advance to the End of the Galaxy- (8 Types)

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"I don't know what's in it until I open it" surprise toy brand

Ultraman appears from "TAMASHII NATIONS BOX"!

Original arrangement as a collectible figure brand [ARTlized] that finished the form and color from the perspective of "art" with the motif of SD Ultraman, which dominated the world from 1980 to 1990. Assorted appears in all 8 types (+ 1 secret type)! You can also purchase an assorted BOX 8 sets, and you can enjoy the collection without dub.

The impressive appearance scene of "Ultraman" is three-dimensional based on the grated illustration supervised by Koji Yokoi, the creator of SD Ultraman! The clear part effect with the image of the background of the appearance scene is composed of multiple parts, and you can enjoy a powerful scene with a compact size!