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Vintage Diocolle 64 Scale Figure - #09a Car Snap Holiday Street 1/64

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●Figure + accessories set
●Have fun with a wide range of accessories!
●Let's take various photos and upload them to SNS!

A holiday street themed set. You can create a street corner scene with people enjoying shopping, people sitting on benches, people walking and dogs, and various city scene parts. A telephone box that looks great on a stylish street corner is also included. If you combine it with the bus stops, taxi stands, cafes, etc. from the #CarSnap series, the drama will be even more dramatic.

【set content】
① Person A who enjoys shopping
②Person B who enjoys shopping
③People taking a break
⑤People taking a walk
⑥ Bernese Mountain Dog
⑦Street lights
⑩Flower bed
⑪Telephone booth

Recently, ``photogenic'' photos using miniature cars and toys have suddenly become popular on SNS. More and more people are enjoying creative ways of not only simply taking pictures, but also combining them with figures and scenic items. That's why Tomytec proposes the 1/64 scale GeoColle 64 #Car Snap. This time, a new stylish holiday street corner will be introduced.

The set includes a person enjoying shopping, a person sitting on a bench, a person taking a walk and a dog, as well as small items such as a street light and a telephone booth, to recreate a street corner where cars can stand out. It goes great in combination with the previous #CarSnap Cafe, or with the single vehicle released in the same month.
Let's post photos that show the car and its surroundings on SNS to make #carsnaps and #TLV more exciting.